Nepali Thali

Nepali meal includes:

  • Daal : 8 oz. black lentil cooked with ginger, turmeric, tomato puree finished with Himalayan herb Jimboo tempering
  • Bhat: steamed cumin flavored basmati rice
  • Tarkari: mix veg curry of potato, carrot, green beans, bamboo shoots, tomatoes and seasoning
  • Saak: simple sautéed mustard Greens with, ginger and Nepali.
  • Thebe: 4 oz.fresh radish & carrot pickle mixed with toasted sesame powder, moth bean, seasoned with Himalayan herbs & spices.
  • Kheer: 4 oz. rice pudding in macadamia & oat milk, raisin, nuts flavored with cardamom and cinnamon powder
  • Lassi: 8 oz. blend of dairy free yogurt, aromatic spices & mango pulp.